CABINNET Worldwide


advertising and promotion of Airline/partnership products?

Possibility to split advertisements into 5 – 10 categories would be welcomed, it means that there is a vision of f.e. categories as Hotel Advertising / Car Rental Advertising / Parking Advertising / Other Commercial Messages

total number of products shall vary at about 50 key partners in across all the categories

key partners shall be contracted in a long-term contracts / changes shall not be generally in a weekly FRQ, rather 1 per flight season, though up-dates related to for example new station promotion announcements may happen anytime

What does it mean - safety announcement?

Safety announcement stands for the safety demonstration and is standardized per A/C type – Announcement shall not be changed more than 1 per year.

music and movies

Airline would take care of the license agreements to all the copy right medias.
We expect up to 100 movies, and up to 500 songs.

Which flight information for which Airline Model type?

Live Flight Show shall be possible with AeroPhone + system integration and Aircraft STC, program shall include position of the A/C, A/C speed, time at destination.

information about Airline routes and destination possible?

Up to 70 destinations varying between Summer and Winter schedule, it means twice yearly.

Sky shop, Duty free catalogues possible?

Products up to 120 and changes happen twice yearly

What is possible about the meal selection?

Our Airline participates at both free meal provided to PAXs at Business Class just as well as the Buy on Board products sold on board to Economy PAXs. Menu does not change more than 2 yearly.

What is possible about the news-papers, magazines, catalogues?

There is an offer for a variety of magazines, news-papers, catalogues, varying from daily to monthly released print outs. Airline hold the license and delivery the cotent and items.
The total number is up to 15 publications.